Stuntwoman by day, songwriter by night, Elisabeth spends her "down" time writing, singing and playing music with her husband, Scotty, in their power-pop duo, Cake Without Candles. Along with gymnastics and sports, Elisabeth grew up in a musical family where everyone sang, played instruments, and toured North America, Europe and the UK with a unique vocal group called Village Harmony. Her eclectic exposure to traditional music from around the world, along with Scotty's (a drummer & percussionist for 20+ years before producing, writing and composing for film/tv/ads) is the perfect recipe for their fun, ear-poppin' tunes. Feel free to click any of the links below and take a listen! 

Life is one big adventure if that's how you choose to see it. Every moment is a memory, a snapshot, a chance to create and leave your mark, an opportunity to bring joy to, and share passion with those you impact.” - Elisabeth Carpenter